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Preferred Plumbing & Drain experts service, install as well as repair Rocklin Water Heater Systems of all styles.

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Water Heater Info

Our plumbers understand conventional gas or electric water heaters in addition to modern tankless (on- demand) water heaters. You shouldn’t worry over water heater repairs, Preferred Plumbing & Drain will certainly take plumbing problems off your back. You can purchase a water heater through us and also pick up one from the vendor of your preference and then engage Preferred Plumbing & Drain to install it.

Life Span

A usual water heater will ideally keep working about 11 years, tankless heaters enjoy a life expectation of fifteen to 20 years. Hard water will probably limit the actual lifetime, steady upkeep will lengthen this.


Tankless heaters usually are viewed as more energy efficient when compared with classic heaters because they do not have to continuously heat up a tank of water. Tankless heaters warm up water quickly when a hot water tap is opened up. However not all conventional heaters are made equally.

Tankless Water Heaters Rocklin

Recommended Settings

Is your water heater extremely hot? To help you eliminate the actual chance of burning water as well as to prevent the likelyhood of not having enough hot water, most plumbing companies, including Preferred Plumbing & Drain propose a heat setting of 120-125F.

Always Be Free From Danger

Constantly keep safe practices in your mind whenever it comes to water heaters. Never ever stock paints, solvents or combustibles in the vicinity of the unit as a result of the clear chance connected with fire.

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